Anna’s Journey to Fashion

I had always wanted to design clothes since my early 20s and I have been interested in fashion.This became a reality in my 30s and 40s. I started out in my mid thirties when I started putting photos of my paintings on my clothes.Then that progressed to the all-over print which is the fashionable thing!

So at 43 years old I started designing my own merchandise with my paintings on them,using the all- over print effect. At the moment,my merch is very affordable!

Everything is under $106 plus a shipping fee. There are 260 different products available.

Most of the wearable merch is between XS and XXXXL. Being a plus size myself, I wanted to have a range of sizes to cater for a variety of body types. We are all unique and beautiful the way we are!

Really it is a lifetime of work and 24 years of painting. The vibe is streetwear that is ‘arty’. I am coming from an ‘avante garde’ perspective. Colour is a major element in my painting .My paintings are very painterly. I’ve found the digital printing picks up the layers of paint and colour in my work very clearly. I hope you like the sensuous, colour and painterly lusciousness of the merch!

It’s all about wearing art on your body and feeling optimistic and positive! I live for colour so get some on your body!